Intelligent technologies for your sleep health

Sleep better, start the day refreshed. Diametos offers easy-to-perform audio analyses to determine the risk of sleep apnoea with Snorefox and the exact cause of snoring with Somnofox.
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Discover the new way of analysing snoring -
at home with the smartphone

Intelligent analysis in a familiar environment

You can use our technologies in the comfort of your own bedroom at home.

"Is my snoring dangerous"? Use the Snorefox app and your own smartphone for the sleep apnoea risk analysis,
"What type of snorer am I?" To determine your snoring type / cause of snoring, you will receive the Somnofox device from your sleep doctor.

Based on 10 years of scientific research

Our core technology for the intelligent analysis of sleep breathing sounds is based on many years of interdisciplinary research projects and the world's largest database of labelled snoring sounds.

Experts from the fields of sleep medicine, anatomy, acoustic signal processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning methods were involved in the research projects.

Quite simply with your smartphone

Our technologies analyse the cause of snoring or sleep apnoea risk solely on the basis of nocturnal snoring and breathing noises.

All you need is a smartphone and you don't have to wire yourself up.
Made in Germany
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Sleep apnoea risk screening at home

Determine risk immediately

With Snorefox M, you can determine your sleep apnoea risk quickly and conveniently from home, simply using your smartphone.

Reliable result

Snorefox M is authorised as a medical device. The risk assessment is based on the recommendations of national and international guidelines.

Result remains confidential

Your data and your result remain confidential. First of all, you know for yourself.
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The world's first and only medical device to analyse the anatomical cause of snoring

Measurement in natural sleep

With Somnofox, the patient measures at home over several nights. Without wiring or lengthy preparation.

Additional assurance of your therapy decision

Somnofox recognises the anatomical cause of snoring and thus helps you to select the most promising therapy for your patients.

Simplified patient communication

You simplify your patient communication with a patient letter that is automatically available for each night.

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About us

Heiko Butz

Expert in founding and growing start-ups and deeply rooted in the sustainable start-up scene
Dazu ist er Schnarcher und selbst Diametos‘ erster Patient.

Dr. Christoph Janott

Acoustics engineer and instrumental in the development of Diametos' core technology
To this end, he has spent over 10 years conducting research together with Germany's leading sleep physicians.

Requested by doctors, recommended by doctors

  • Dr. Nico de Vries

    Chief Physician, ENT Department, OLVG West, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    "Analysing snoring sounds and detecting obstruction patterns will be of great benefit to us sleep physicians."
  • Prof. Dr. Ulrich Sommer

    Sleep physician and somnologist, partner at the Mangfall-Inn ENT Centre, Bad Aibling, Germany
    „Mit diesem neuen Medizinprodukt kommt ein Game Changer auf den Markt, der uns hilft, unsere Patienten gezielter zu behandeln."

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